What can you do when your flight is delayed?

ou can claim compensation using AirHelp if your flight got delayed. you can trust AirHelp.

AirHelp Pros

  • Airhelp can accommodate a wide range of customers by offering services in 16 languages.
  • Customers will often receive more through Airhelp than many other flight compensation websites.
  • Previous clients have noted excellent service as a benefit of using AirHelp.
  • AirHelp will not charge any fees for claims that do not receive compensation.
  • AirHelp is a fast and reliable service and has been recognized by prominent business and news review sources.

AirHelp Cons

  • AirHelp – #1 Air Passenger Rights Experts charges customers a 35% success fee which is a little over the industry average.
  • It is not clear how a potential customer might contact an Airhelp representative directly to ask questions. They rely heavily on the FAQ.

How to Use AirHelp to Request Compensation:

1) Head over to the AirHelp website and click look towards the center of the screen. Here, you’ll find a form where you can input the origin and destination of the flight you experienced a delay on. Enter your details here and click the Check Compensation button to the right of the form.

2) Now, you’ll be asked if you had any connecting flights. Answer yes or no, and then click the green Continue button.

Fill out the reason why your flight was canceled on this screen. Image Credit: AirHelp

3) You’ll now be asked what went wrong on your flight. Select from the options presented and click the Continue button. Depending on the option you picked, AirHelp will ask for more information like how late you arrived at your destination, the reason for the delay, etc. Answer these questions to the best of your ability and press Continue.

Enter your flight details on this page. Image Credit: AirHelp

4) Now, AirHelp will ask for your flight carrier and flight number. Enter this, click Continue, and you’ll then be asked for a series of information about yourself and others traveling with you. Note that it may be helpful to have a copy of your ticket with you to gather information like booking references, etc.

Signing this box grants AirHelp the right to handle your case. Image Credit: AirHelp

5) You’ll now be asked to digitally sign a form on AirHelp’s website that grants the company the right to handle your case against the airline. Further, this document includes a link to AirHelp’s price list — don’t worry, we’ll cover that shortly.

Finally, upload a copy of your boarding pass or e-ticket to the AirHelp website. Image Credit: AirHelp

6) Now that you’ve granted AirHelp the rights to your case, you’ll be asked to upload a copy of your boarding pass or e-ticket. Click the Continue button once you’ve uploaded the file, and AirHelp will start work on your case.

AirHelp notes that most claims take roughly 3 to 4 months to process, although some claims could take longer. The completion time largely depends on if a case needs to go through legal proceedings and how long it takes for airlines to respond to AirHelp’s contact. You can contact AirHelp at any time for an update on your claim.

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