Is using a Curve credit card safe?

The Curve card aims to simplify the financial lives of its users. It connects all your accounts with a single app and a single smart card. The curve is an excellent choice if you use many different bank cards but don’t want to carry all of them everywhere. It will not replace your bank but could replace all your bank cards. Curve supports cards of many currenciesIt is very simple to use curve cards.

How does the Curve card work?

The Curve card lets you combine all your Visa and Mastercard accounts in one. It works in conjunction with a secure app that allows you to upload an unlimited number of debit, credit, and prepaid cards.

The standard Curve card is free but Curve Premium, which will offer enhanced Curve Rewards (once launched), attracts a one-off £50 fee

  • To get set up, you will need to visit the website of curve card.
  • Once your Curve card arrives in the post, you can upload the details of your payment cards – either manually or by taking a picture. Each time you add a card, you will have to verify it, which involves Curve charging and then refunding a small amount (no more than £1.50).
  • When you’re out shopping, you just need to select the card you want to use via the app. The Curve card can be used in stores, online and at ATMs anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

How Much Does Curve Cost?

Getting a standard Curve Mastercard is completely free and does not include any subscription fees. The premium Curve Mastercard has a one-time fee of £50 but then lets you earn double points for Curve Rewards. This account also gives you a limited-edition Curve TUMI wallet valued at £60.

How Does Curve Protect Against Fraud?

Curve sends you an instant alert each time that you use the card, so you will know immediately if there are any fraudulent charges. If you find these alerts annoying, you can turn them off at any time in the “Settings” section of the “Wallet” tab on the application. In the case of fraud or a lost or stolen card, you can instantly lock the Curve card via the application. Additionally, Curve never shares your bank card details, including neither online nor offline.


  • Unique services, like using all your cards in one, and going back in time
  • Premium subscription options with handy perks (e.g. travel insurance)
  • Easy-to-use app with good user experience


  • Monthly and daily limits on ATM withdrawals, spending
  • Lacks budgeting and savings features
  • Customer support is relatively slow, although helpful

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