What is uk topcashback ? How to use it?

What is TopCashBack?

top cashback is a site where you can earn cash back and other rewards on everyday purchases.

TopCashBack is available in the US and the UK.

How does it work?

The premise of top cashback is really simple: you get cashback via the service for many of the purchases you make online.

TopCashback has partnerships with thousands of companies in the USA and UK. All you have to do is set up a TopCashback account, and search on the site before buying anything online to see if it’s possible to earn cashback on the purchase. You then click through to the retailer’s website and proceed as normal.

With so many companies linked to TopCashBack, I find that more often than not I can earn cashback on the things I buy online.

Some of the things I’ve earned cash back for include:

  • Furniture purchases.Online insurance purchases.Casino depositsDominos pizza – something I now know I used to spend far too much on!Hotel bookings.Flights.Computer components.

It all adds up. If you have any doubt as to just how much it adds up to, check out the screenshot below, particularly the part in the bottom right corner:

This is a genuine screenshot from my own TopCashback account, showing my earnings since I joined in 2015. If you have any doubts, Even better, the amounts shown above are what I can withdraw (or have already withdrawn) in cash. People who are happy to take Amazon vouchers, or vouchers for all kinds of other retailers, can take up to 6% more when they withdraw.

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TopCashBack Problems

There genuinely isn’t a downside to using TopCashback (other than when you kick yourself for failing to use it when you make a purchase you could have earned money back on!)

Personally, the thing that gets to me is that I’ve largely failed to convince any of my friends to take advantage of it. TopCashback runs a great referral scheme where you can earn cashback when your friends start to use it.

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