What is the best way to transfer money from the UK to a bank account in India?

Different services can take a different amount of time to transfer money.

It depends upon the service how much time it would take.

well. I will suggest you use Wise formal transfers, for sending money.

It is the fastest way to send money cheaply.

Here I am sharing some tips and tricks to transfer money from my experience.

How to send money with Wise Internationally?

  1. First of all, Sign up with Wise.

Enter your email address, and a strong password (for protection). You can also sign up by other methods such as Google or Facebook account.

2. Choose the amount you want to send.

You can choose the amount you want to send according to your convenience. Wise will tell you how much you need to send, so that recipient gets an exact amount

3. Let us know what kind of transfer you’re making.

If you’re paying from a personal bank account, it’s a Personal transfer.

4. Fill in your details.

Enter all your details correctly. Don’t worry your details are safe

5. Enter the recipient’s details

To know whom you are sending money to?

You can add the recipient’s bank account details if you wish to…otherwise will handle it.

6. Review the details.

Review your transfer details so that transfer goes successful. Make sure everything looks right.

7. Choose the method of transferring according to your convenience.

You can compare the fees and arrival times for each method of transferring money. It’s often cheapest to pay from your bank account.

8. That’s it!

You can keep track of the money. will notify sender and receiver at step.

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