What is the cheapest way to transfer money from USA to Canada?

I used Wise a couple of times, and trust me, this is the cheapest money transfer service I know.

Wise (Avail Free Transfer Offer)

Wise has the best exchange rate which is almost similar to the current exchange rate for Euro to INR. So you will not be losing any money.

Moreover, you can avail the current offer by visiting the link I shared above, and have a relaxed tranfer free on large amount and no transfer fee in small amounts.

Wise was launched in 2001 and has the best customer ratings.

  1. Sends `to 46 countries;
  2. Has excellent customer support;
  3. Cost only 99p to send (first transfer is free);
  4. Fast delivery options are amazing (I received money in 30 minutes);
  5. They are not the biggest so they take extra care for their customers.

Wise is doing very well at the moment. One of its strengths is extreme transparency.

On their website, you can see exactly the fees you are supposed to pay. Here you can determine how much it will cost you to use their service.

If they are not the cheapest, they tell you that they are not the cheapest for that particular transaction and you can decide if you want to go with them or not.

However other remittance services you would see, they give somehow misleading/false information regarding another website so you would believe that they are the best.

Although Wise makes claims that they are a Peer-2-Peer (P2P) platform, how they arrive at the exchange rate is more like what you get on a non-P2P conversion market which makes it a bit simpler to use than CurrencyFair.

Nevertheless, they afford to provide cost benefits that other P2P payment and exchange platforms offer especially for smaller amounts.

Wise doesn’t just sell you a good experience they deliver on their promises. If simplicity and doing things online sound like you, Wise is the best choice.

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