Is it safe and secure to send money using Remitly:

Yes,its safe . Use remity If you’re planning on sending money overseas for any reason – either to a friend or loved one back home.

Remitly offers international transfers.

Easy steps to use remitly :

  1. Select Join Now on our website or download the Remitly app in the App Store or Google Play store
  2. Enter the country you’d like to send money to, your email address, and a password
  3. Enter the amount of money you want to send, your recipient’s information, and your payment information

4.Confirm the details of your transaction and Send your funds

How does an international transfer with Remitly work?

Remitly offer several different options for their international transfers. Not all options are available in all destination countries, though, so you’ll need to check out what’s available in the destination country.

Bank deposit

Send funds from your bank account, directly to your recipient’s account. This option is available in most countries served by Remitly, and comes with either express or economy options, which have different fees and delivery times. To arrange an international transfer with Remitly, you’ll need to model the payment on the website, and check that you think the exchange rate and service fee are fair. More on how to compare these, in a little while¹.

Cash pickup

In some countries, it’s possible to arrange for your recipient to collect their money in cash from an agent location near to them. This is convenient if they don’t have easy access to a bank account – but can cost more in fees, depending on where you’re sending the money to¹.

Home delivery

Home delivery of the payment is also available in some countries – so the payment you send will be couriered right to your recipient’s door and handed over in cash in the local currency. As you may imagine, there are fees to pay if you’re considering this option¹.

Mobile wallet

In a few countries, you also have the option of sending money to a mobile wallet – model your transfer online to see if this is available in the country you’re sending money to¹.

Fee exchange rates : Here’s an idea of the costs to make a transfer with remitly

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