Are you looking to transfer money from india fast, simply and cheaply?

If so xendpay is the ideal way for you to convert US Dollars to Canadian Dollars! Transfer money conveniently online 24/7 via Xendpay. With low transfer fees and a competitive exchange rate for the Canadian Dollar we enable you to make the most out of your USD to CAD money transfer.

At Xendpay we have observed that transferring money from America to Canada is an extremely popular money transfer to be made, with people transferring on average $3,200 to india .

There are a number of ways to transfer money from the USA to Canada however many of these options are more expensive than necessary.

Transfer money via a bank

Although using a bank may seem the most obvious and simplistic solution when dealing with your finances it is definitely not the most cost effective option as a bank will provide you with an uncompetitive exchange rate which means you will be able to convert and transfer less Canadian Dollars.

Furthermore, your bank will charge you a large fee every time you transfer money from America to Canada, which overall makes this a costly choice.

Transferring money via a money sending bureau

Another common choice when people transfer money from America to Canada is a money sending bureau as this is a fast way to transfer money and also enables you to transfer money to a recipient without a bank account.

Again however this is a costly option as money sending bureaus charge considerable service fees and offer poor exchange rates, meaning once again that you are able to transfer a lot less Canadian Dollars.

Transferring money via Xendpay

using a foreign exchange broker like xendpay is the final option for you to consider and it has major advantages over the other options!

Do you need to transfer money from Bank of America to Bank of Montreal, from SunTrust to Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce or from JP Morgan Chase & CO to Royal Bank of Canada? Maybe you are transferring money to Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Montreal or elsewhere in Canada? Whichever bank and wherever the money is being transferred to, Xendpay is the ideal solution for you.

Transferring money with Xendpay is a simple, secure and cheap way to make a money transfer from America to Canada which will save you both time and money. We offer a competitive exchange rate for the Canadian Dollar and do not charge high transfer fees, which combined could make your money transfer significantly cheaper.

With Xendpay you can transfer money securely online, 24/7 from a time and place which is convenient for you.

Transfer money from America to Canada now.

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