What is a way to send money from India to Germany?

How Transfergo works

  • Create an account

Sign up for TransferGo in just a few moments. You can do this by connecting with your email address or via your Facebook or Google account.

  • Go through the verification process*

*This is generally required if your first transfer exceeds £900 (or the equivalent in another currency). Requirements vary according to your country, but always includes a copy of your ID and a selfie. Additional verification documents may also be required.

  • Set up your transfer

Enter the country you are sending money from and the amount your are sending or the amount you’d like the recipient to receive.

You can also choose the transfer speed. Standard service is generally delivered in one business day, Express services can be delivered in as little as 30 minutes and Free delivery takes up to three business days. Delivery times vary by country, but exact transfer times are clearly displayed after you’ve entered the countries. 

  • Send the money

Send your money with your preferred payment method. Bank transfers are available for all currencies. Debit or credit cards in GBP, EUR, PLN, NOK, SEK and DKK can also be used

What we like about Transfergo

  • Totally transparent fees 
  • Flexible transfers. Options vary by country,
  • Excellent reviews on Trustpilot
  • To get bonus use link Transfergo

What we dislike about TransferGo

  • You can only send money to a bank account
  • Not the best solution for sending large amounts
  • Not available to US customers

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