# Transferwise    

Transferwise is one of the best. They give the best exchange rates. Also customer interface is very nice. They have a variable fees structure but the fees is very nominal as compared to other banks and remit services.Additionally 50 £ or 58 € referral bonus for 3 referrals everytime they transfer minimum 200 £.

# Transfer Go

Transfer go has a fixed fee of £0.99 and transfers are also completed in 24 hours . First transfer is free with transfer go. Also they have a fast transfer option so that you can get the money same day in your account.Get 20 £ or 23 € for first transfer.

  • To get 20 £ or 23 € referral and first free transfer : transfergo register with code 61qQub
  • Fees: Fixed 0.99 GBP/ 1.99 GBP. First transfer is FREE
  • Time: Next day for 0.99 GBP, Same day for 1.99 GBP.

# Xendpay

Xendpay Gives best exchange rates and a good competitor of Worldremit and Transfer wise.

Only hassle is from second transfer, they need identity and address proof to allow transfer.

Offers: Referral bonus i.e. you get £10 or 12 € + friend gets £10(or 12 €) when they transfer minimum £100 or 114 €.

  • Direct link to get 10 £ or 13 € referral :xendpay 
  • Global support
  • Transfer rates better than T

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