Different services to transfer money online?

How to send money  with  xendPay ?

Transferring money to India using Xendpay is quite straight-forward. Just like shopping on Amazon!

  1. Create an account on Xendpay and login to your profile.
  2. Look out for ‘Send Money’ tile on the Dashboard. That takes you to Currency Calculator where you can enter the amount of GB Pounds you want to convert to Indian Rupees.
  3. When you use Xendpay for the first time, it will allow you to transfer only £900. If you want this limit removed, you can upload your identity and address proof documents to get your account verified.
  4. Enter recipient details – you need to enter these only for the first time, and you can re-use them for future transfers.
  5. Next, review the details and make a payment using one of the payment methods presented. Use bank transfer or debit card instead of a credit card to avoid any additional charges. Confirm your request!

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How do I send money through TransferGo?

It’s easy to transfer your cash in four quick steps:

1. Create a TransferGo account. Provide the country in which you’re located, your email address and your banking details.

2. Set up a transfer. Specify how much you’d like to send and your recipient’s details.

3. Make a local bank transfer. Transfer funds from your bank account to your TransferGo account or pay instantly with your debit card.

4. Track your transfer. Sign in to your account to see your transfer’s progress from pending to complete.

If you’re sending more than 700 GBP or a second transfer after signing up, you’ll need to verify your identity with government-issued ID, proof of your address and proof of your funds.

Recipients of your transfers must also register with TransferGo. Once they’ve signed up, sending money is as simple as providing their name, business name and email address along with the amount you’re sending.

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 World Remit

World remit has a fixed fee .The best part in this is the referral BONUS amount. You can get £20 or 23 € when you transfer using below link and 20 £ or 23 € for the referral i.e total 40 £ or 46 €:

Once you transfer 100 GBP or 125 euro or 150 dollars you will earn the cashback. Remember to use code FREE for first free transaction on Worldremit

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  • Fees: Fixed, 1.99 GBP
  • Time: 1 – 2 working days.
  • 20 USD / 20 Euros / 20 GBP cashback 
  • Works will almost all the countries
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Like any service offered, Remitly has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the most important advantages of Remitly is the ease of use and their excellent website and mobile application. In addition to the simplicity, the company also has a huge bank network. You can send money to all participating banks, which makes it easy for clients to send money to people that do not have bank accounts. Another pro is that when you send money you will receive text message alerts so you can track where your money is and when transfers have been completed.

On the other side of the token, Remitly has some cons you should be aware of before choosing them as your remittance provider. One of the main disadvantages of Remitly is that they are not necessarily the cheapest provider when it comes to their exchange rates. On top of that, unfortunately you can only send money from the United States, Canada or the UK – you can not send money from any other country. Lastly, another inconvenience that will inhibit people from choosing this service is that Remitly has strict monthly limits on how much money you can send at a time. However, these cons do not deter people from using the service since their customer base continues to grow every day.

On Trustpilot, clients give the company an 8.8 out of ten and have many good things to say about the company!

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# Azimo : 

How it works

  • Azimo works with partners in 195+ countries
  • Azimo  work with the largest payment companies in the world, and are regulated by the FCA & HMRC to ensure that your money reaches its destination safely.
  • In order to transfer your money quickly, we hold funds in most currencies around the world which means that we can send money instantly to 60+ countries.
  • Sending money has never been easier

A few simple steps to get your money from A to B

  • Enter recipient details and amount

Set up the transfer by entering all details yourself or requesting them via our app

  • Pay securely

Visa, Master Card, Maestro and bank transfers accepted

  • Transfer processed

Money from our local partner’s account is sent to your recipient’s bank or cash pick-up point

  • Money delivered

Money can be delivered in minutes to a few days, depending how fast your recipient’s bank can process it

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Send money to family and friends overseas in 3 easy steps

Our goal is to make your life – and your money transfers – as simple as possible. Just follow these simple steps to send money to the USA – it’s easier than you think!

Create your payment instruction

Simply log in to your account on our website or app and tell us who you want to send money to and how much. Our currency rates converter will show you exactly how much you’ll get for your money when transferring.

Transfer Your Money

Deposit your money into an OrbitRemit online account near you. It’s local so there’s no charge.

Payment made to recipient

As soon as your deposit clears, we’ll send the amount you instructed to your recipient.  

orbitremt >  orbit remit

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# TransferWise 


  • Trusthworthy
  • world leader in money transfer
  • can deliver money in couple of minutes once you have transferred to the same account couple of times
  • competitive rates
  • first transfer free when u use this link > transferwise
  • Widest network and hence you can transfer from almost anywhere to anywhere in the world
  • Available as an app on iOS & Android
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