How to send money us to india with Orbitremit ?

What is orbitremit ?

Orbitremit is an online money transfer company that offers flat fee transfers to 39+ send destinations around the world. We offer fast, secure bank transfers and also have 15,000+ cash pickup destinations in The Philippines, Vietnam and Nepal.

Sending from Australia: $4 to all destinations except India which is free of charge

Sending from New Zealand: $4 to all destinations except the Philippines which is $6

Sending from the United Kingdom: £2


Is it safe to transfer money overseas through orbit remit ?


Absolutely! At orbitremit we do not deal in cash, meaning your money is always secure within the banking system. Our website and mobile apps are designed to ensure we are protecting your account from unauthorised login attempts and we have a team dedicated to monitoring transactions for signs of unusual activity.


How long does it take to transfer money ?

It depends where you are transferring to but most transfers will settle the same day we receive your payment.


Can i transfer money as a business?


Yes! With OrbitRemit you can cut the costs of your business’s international transfers. Using our local in/local out system you can pay your suppliers fast and at low cost, saving you more money to re-invest in your business. We have helped many businesses to send money overseas by providing a secure speedy facility with world-class customer service.

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