What is the cheapest way to transfer money from USA to Canada?

You have the ability to check the status of your transfer at anytime by logging in and selecting ‘Transfers’. Here you can see the status of the transfer as it progresses to completion to your nominated recipient or recipient account.


Sign Up

The first step in signing up for OrbitRemit is to create an account.

Creating Your Account

To register you will need to enter your email address and choose a password.

When you first login you will be taken to the calculator. From here you will be asked to select how much you wish to send or how much you want your recipient to receive.

Navigating the Calculator

Entering Amounts

Using the calculator you tell us how much you want to transfer or how much you would like the recipient to receive. The calculator will update the corresponding value, so if you enter an amount you would like to send then we will update the value your recipient will receive. Whereas if you enter an amount you would like the recipient to receive we will update the amount you will need to send.

Selecting Currencies

The calculator is also used to tell us what currency you would like to transfer and what currency your recipient will receive. To change the currency select the drop down menu and choose the relevant option.


When you change either the send or receive currency a new exchange rate will be shown and the amounts are updated to reflect the live exchange rate.


Your email address must be unique and your password at least 8 characters long. We recommend using an array of letters, numbers and symbols for added security. 

As part of creating your first transfer you will need to provide details about yourself and where you live.

Choosing your account type

You have the option to complete your profile as an individual or a business. This guide is for an individual creating a transfer. If you would like to make transfers as a business, please read our guide on Creating a Business account.


Completing the ‘About You’ section

The first section is basic information about you. Please enter your name, exactly as it appears in your identification document. This will help with verifying your transfer.

Adding your residential address

Please enter the address of where you live, this must be a residential address and not a PO Box address. 

The options you are presented with here are dependent on what payout currency you have selected. Which one should you use? Below is a quick overview of the recipient options for your transfer.

Recipient Types


Most common recipient options:

Pay my own bank account: This option is available for all currencies and is used when you want to pay a bank account that is in your name.

Pay somebody else’s bank account: This option is available for all currencies and is used when you want to pay an individual’s bank account, such as a friend or family member.

A business bank account: Use this when you want to pay a business bank account such as for an invoice or purchase of goods and services.

A person who will collect the funds: Only available for transfers to the Philippines (PHP) and Vietnam (VND), use this when you want the recipient to collect the funds in cash from a collection point.

Pay the Inland Revenue Department: Only available for transfers to New Zealand (NZD). Use this when you want to pay your student loan or other taxes in New Zealand.

Pay the Ministry of Justice: Only available for transfers to NZD. Use this when you want to pay your fines in New Zealand.

Pay the Ministry of Social Development: Only available for transfers to NZD. Use this when you want to pay your child support in New Zealand.


Review your Transfer

On this screen you have the ability to review all details of your transfer. You also have the option to add a reference for your recipient and redeem a free transfer.

If you have a free transfer on your account we will give you the option to use it when creating a transfer. Simply select the ‘You have free transfer(s) available’ box to redeem your free transfer.


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