How do we send money from India to the USA?

Following are the best options to transfer money with a good referral bonus as well :


Direct Link to Transfer : TransferWise

2. ORBITREMIT – Valid only for GBP,AUD,NZD:

Direct Link to Transfer : orbitremit

3. TRANSFERGO – Transfer 50 £/56 € or more to get 20 £ bonus.

Direct Link to Transfer :  Transfer go 

4. XENDPAY – Transfer 100 £/112 € or more to get 10 £/12 € bonus.

Direct Link to Transfer : xendpay

5. REMITLY : Provides the best exchange rate when you transfer 800 £/895 €

Direct Link to Transfer : remitly

All these links are real quick with FREE first transfer.Hence can be used at least once.

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