How to Open an N26 Account? What are the Different Plans?

N26 is a great digital bank. Its easy-to-use app, low fees, and useful integrations with heavyweights as Transferwise puts them way ahead of the competition. The fact that they have a lean organizational structure makes it an even sweeter deal.

How to open an account?

Opening an N26 account is fairly easy and can be done in three steps:

  1. Fill in the online registration form
  2. Complete the ID verification
  3. For those residing in Germany: ID verification is done via an in-app video call
  4. For those residing elsewhere: ID verification is done by uploading a selfie and photos of the requisite ID through the app
  5. Pair your smartphone with your N26 account

Remote opening an N26 account

Once you have completed the initial registration process, you’d be requested to download the app to complete the ID verification. For the process to continue, you’d need to have a valid ID, a smartphone with the phone number you entered previously, and lastly, a quiet place with good lighting, for a quick video call.

The video verification can only be done between 8 am and midnight German time.

During the verification process, you would be asked to show some proof of the details shared in the registration form. An OTP will also be generated and sent to the phone number with which you’ve registered. You would be asked to show your ID proof to the camera so that the agent can verify it.

Different Plans

N26 has various plans depending on which part of the world you hail from. This includes:

  • The basic “N26” plan is for them who do not travel much, don’t need travel insurance, and do not need to withdraw cash in different currencies.
  • The “N26 You” plan, previously known as “N26 Black”, offers good travel insurance and levies no FX fee on cash withdrawals.
  • The “N26 Metal” is quite like the “You” plan but comes with priority customer service, a cool metal card, and exclusive deals and discounts for customers.
  • The “N26 Business” plan is basically the “N26” plan but targeted at freelancers, who probably use the account for business purposes.

For those unsure about the plan they need, they can simply settle for the basic N26 plan, and upgrade later.

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