revolute is a UK-based fintech company that offers online banking services with prepaid debit cards, currency exchange, crypto exchange, and peer-to-peer instant payments, all via a good-looking and user-friendly mobile application.

The London-based startup was founded in 2015 by two former banking and investing traders. Revolut has been conceived to fulfill the desire of building a fair and frictionless platform to use and manage money internationally by removing hidden fees and offering interbank currency rates.

By the end of 2018, the company has passed a 3 million users mark and has managed to collect over $1Bln investments made by some of Europe’s most well-known investors.

The company is licensed to operate in Singapore and Japan and just recently secured a Specialised Bank and an Electronic Money Institution license from the Bank of Lithuania.

Revolut Key Features

  • Instant registration: Opening an account takes minutes and is set up directly from the phone.Plastic (physical), Virtual (for online-only payments) or Disposal Virtual (one-time) MasterCard or Visa cards.
  • International transfers into 24 foreign currencies: Up to £5,000 per month fee-free with the interbank exchange rate. 0.5% fixed fee for transfers exceeding £5,000/month. Unlimited transfers for Premium and Metal accounts.
  • Save money with Vaults: Vaults let you easily set financial goals and save. Revolut app offers to opt-in for “rounding up” every transaction, set up a recurring payment or save in a vault manually.
  • Pay for free with a Revolut card: Fee-free local and international payments in a chosen currency. Cashback bonuses for every 10th purchase. You can also set recurring automated payments.
  • Exchange and send crypto for free: Instant exchange of 24 supported currencies directly into 5 most popular cryptocurrencies. Transfer any of the 5 supported cryptocurrencies to other Revolut users instantly and for free.
  • Extensive smartphone insurance: International coverage of accidental damages. Unlimited devices protection in a couple of taps, straight from the Revolut app.
  • Pay-per-day overseas travel insurance: Based on the user’s current geolocation, Revolut medical insurance turns on automatically once you are abroad, and off as soon as you are back, so you only get charged for the time actually spent abroad.
  • To get first free card use link Revolut
Revolut vault

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