How can I make a money transfer from us to india ?


Do you need to make a money transfer from the Us to India? If so there will be a number of services that will be able to facilitate your money transfer to India, so you may be wondering “what is the best way to transfer money to India from the Us?” To find a cheap way to transfer money to India you will need to find a service that charges low transfers and offers a competitive exchange rate for the Indian Rupee.

In 2010 India was the top remittance receiving country, with a money transfer inflow of US$55 billion. An estimated 11,000 individuals emigrated from India in 2010, with a significant amount of these individuals moving to the United Kingdom. Due to the significant numbers of Indian immigrants living in the Us,  Us – India is one of the most dominant money transfer corridors of the global remittance market.

Finding the best way to transfer money fromus to india 

When you make the money transfer from the Us to India you will need to convert the currency that you are paying with (most likely GBP) in to Indian Rupees, so you will ideally want to find a money transfer service that charges low transfer fees and offers a great exchange rate so your money goes further when you are purchasing Indian Rupees.

In the past, the choice of international money transfer services would have been limited to a bank and these service would see the customer being met with significant costs. Now however there are a number of alternatives to banks and competition between the banks has also increased, so money transfers to India from the Us are becoming more and more affordable.

XendPay Gives best exchange rates and a good competitor of Worldremit and Transfer wise.

Only hassle is from second transfer, they need identity and address proof to allow transfer.

Offers: Referral bonus i.e. you get £10 or 12 € + friend gets £10(or 12 €) when they transfer minimum £100 or 114 €.

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  • Global support
  • Transfer rates better than Transferwise
  • Zero transfer fees (if you want then you can pay :))

Time : Usually 1-2 working days

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