Xendpay : how it works ?

 xendpay– Usually gives better price than Worldremit or Worldremit 

Join xendpay  using this link and transfer more than 100 Pounds or 125 Euros or 150 dollars or to get free transaction charges and good exchange rates. Yes, you do get 10£ / 10 Euro / 10 dollars as you join.

It gives incredible mid-market rates and gives you the option of paying ‘NOTHING’ in fees (if your conscious allows you!).

They also show a recommended fee to pay which you can also consider paying if you feel like (even adding a small fee – if you decide to pay – it beats the rates offered by most of the banks and services).

How it Works

Sending money is just as easy as before. In fact we’ve made it even more transparent. Our redesign unclutters – so you can keep focused on the things that really matter.

Getting started

  • Pick the amount you want to send and where to.
  • See what your money looks like at the other end – without any hidden fees and charges.
  • Understand what this means in savings- compare us to the biggest players in the market
  • Pay What You Want – we will recommend a fee but you can remove this.
  • Done this before? Just login. If you haven’t, registration only takes a few seconds. Or you can get going even faster with Facebook or Gmail login.
  • Setting up the payment
  • Tell us how you want to pay and the currency you want to send. Enter your recipient’s details. If you’ve sent money to them before, just pull up their details – we’ve held onto them for you.
  • Pay What You Want. We offer you the flexibility on deciding what you pay as a transfer fee. Find out more.
  • Make your payment. Please note that some fees may apply if you pay by card, depending on the type of card and the country you are paying from, as per Payment Services Regulations You will be able to see the fees on our website before you confirm your payment.
  • To get joining bonus use link :  xendpay

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