what is the cheapest way to transfer money online ?

How to Remitly to send money?

Sending money with remitly is easy! All you have to do is create your account and start sending. We provide great exchange rates, a secure app and website, and fast delivery options.

To create your remitly account

  1. Select Join Now on our website or download the Remitly app in the App Store or Google Play store
  2. Enter the country you’d like to send money to, your email address, and a password
  3. Enter the amount of money you want to send, your recipient’s information, and your payment information
  4. Confirm the details of your transaction and Send your funds
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  • most of the time better transfer rates than Transferwise
  • First transfer free using link >   orbit remit
  • loyality benefits earn free transfer on 3 transfers (which makes the transfer cheaper)


  • Only available from UK, New Zealand and Australia to other countries
  • stringent verification process
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Money-back guarantee

Cash pickup available in India

Available as an app on iOS & Android

Promotional rates available for new users periodically


  • Rate for instant bank transfers is too less compared to Azimo / Remity
  • You have a daily and half yearly sending limits, which can be raised based on the usage (You can request to raise those limits by sharing required documentation ) 
  • To get 20 £ or 23 € referral and first free transfer : transfergo register with code  61qQub
  • Fees: Fixed 0.99 GBP/ 1.99 GBP. First transfer is FREE
  • Time: Next day for 0.99 GBP, Same day for 1.99 GBP.
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WorldRemit provides a variety of transfer options in more than 120 countries worldwide, including online, bank-to-bank and cash transfers. Fees vary by country you’re sending funds to and the global exchange rate at the time of your transfer. WorldRemit is ideal for small businesses, offering transfers from $1 to $2,000.


  • Flexible payment options
  • Easy three-step transfer process
  • Transfers to mobile wallet accounts
  • Cash pickup available 
  • Mobile airtime account transfers
  • Direct link to get 20 £ referral : Worldremit
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How to transfer money through Transferwise

Compare the best money transfer rates to the United States

At TransferWise, we never hide extra fees and charges in the exchange rate. We just use the exchange rate – independently provided by Reuters. That means fair, low-cost transfers, every time.

Compare TransferWise exchange rates and fees with some of the biggest money transfer and remit services, such as Western Union, ICICI Bank or Worldremit.

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How long does azimo money  transfer take?

On average, a transfer with Azimo takes just one working day. The delivery time of your transfer may vary depending on the country you are sending to, the delivery method you choose and how you pay for the transfer.

If you pay with a bank transfer in the UK, it can take up to 1 working day for your payment to reach Azimo’s account. For other European countries, it can take up to 2 workings days.

Once we have received your payment, we will immediately process your transfer and notify you via email and push notification. Payments done by card are a much faster option, as they only take a few minutes to reach our account.

For more information on sending to specific countries, please head to www.azimo.com, where you can check the delivery times for the country that you’re sending to.

Please note that sometimes transfers can take a little bit longer if additional documents are required or if you send money over the weekend or on public holidays.

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On my lookout for the cost-effective way to transfer money from europe to us   xendPay is the most recent entry to my list.

It has become one of my favourites – majorly for the reason that they offer a ‘Pay What You Want‘ option initially which means you can pay whatever fee you want for the money transfer.

In addition to this, Xendpay offers very competitive rates on the market which many times beats Transferwise as well making Xendpay another cheap way of sending funds to India.

And, who doesn’t want extra per every British Pound?

A few things which I liked about Xendpay:

Transparency in conversion rate, transfer costs and cheap fee (Zero initially under ‘Pay What You Want’ model – Xendpay allows you to enter ‘0’ (impressive!), but I suggest you pay some amount for Xendpay to keep providing this great offer!)

Transfer from the US to India on average took 2-3 working days (most of the time it arrived in my bank account in India on the 2nd business day).

Verification process to extend your transfer limits is easy – just upload two documents, one for address and one for identity proof and it for me, got verified on the same day.

Bonus Tip: Take advantage of Xendpay promo code and get £10 off whenever you transfer your first $100 (approx. £70). If you transfer your first £70, you will pay only £60 from your bank account – a flat discount of 14%. This means an extra Rs. 1000 in your account on your first transfer with   xendPay 

Banks never give such offers!

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