Flight compensation company airhelp customer support service seems to have more disadvantages than advantages. A good thing is that the response to support requests takes less than 24 hours and is delivered in 7 languages: English, Italian, Swedish, Austrian, French, Spanish, German. Although, customers may contact the support service by email, phone or find a wide variety of answers using FAQ tab in live communication like Live chat on website or Facebook chat is not provided. After that, the customer support is not personalized.


Ease to use

Conserning flight compensation claims, the company provides many features for their customers such as automated user friendly claiming form and possibility to login using Google, however, Facebook login is not provided. Furthermore, customers have access to the user area where they can check their flight claim status anytime. Sadly, the information about exact possible claim amount is missing. After all, the first try using airhelp website went quite smoothly.


airhelp enables customers to leave feedback on Trust Pilot and Facebook, where the rating stands at 7,1 out of 10 and 4,7 out of 5 accordingly. Another important fact in favor of this company is that it encrypts all the customer data and complies with the cookie and GDPR policy. The photos of the team members are shown in the airhelp website. Unfortunatelly, it seems that the company does not find the importance to invest time for news and blog writing.

How it works

Are you eligible?

87% of air passengers don’t know their rights or when they are eligible for compensation. Don’t be one of them

Airhelp manages your claim

AirHelp manages your claim

We can pursue compensation for you. As experts, we know your rights and can process your claim quickly and easily, with a much higher chance of success.

Check your compensation

Simply submit your details and we run a quick flight check to see if you are entitled to compensation – totally free.

However, sometimes there are extraordinary circumstances in which the passenger will not get the compensation. These situations are not under the control of the airlines’ companies, so they are not guaranteed by laws. The list of such cases is not so long. Strikes initiated by airport employees or air traffic control, security risks, political unrest, and inclement weather.

Anyway, we offer you to use our program to find out which kind of compensation you can get. The check form includes just four steps:

The first step: eligibility check

You should fill some cells. You should point to the place you are departed from and the final destination. Moreover, if you have any connecting flights, you should mention that. You have no risk of filling this form because it is entirely free of charge.

The second step: additional information

If your claim passes the eligibility check, you should provide more details about your flight. The section additional information is here for you.

The third step: documents

Some documents about your flight are needed.

The fourth step: finish

The last level is about successful filling your claim.

To get compensation use link Airhelp

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