How N26 works ?

 N26  is a fully-licensed European online bank, with account management and all the features available in a mobile app or a web-version, which is still providing you with a real international debit card with free ATM withdrawals worldwide. It means that you can pay, withdraw money, block or unblock your card, set permissions or limits, and make other security changes — in other words, do everything you can do with a traditional bank, except easier & directly from the app or a desktop web-account.

Key features:

  • International transfers into 19 foreign currencies
    n26 has partnered with TransferWise so that you could do international transfers directly from the N26 App. It could be up to 6x cheaper than using traditional banks due to the mid-market exchange rates.
  • Payments anywhere abroad
    n26 doesn’t charge fees on foreign transactions. There’s also no need to warn anyone that you are going to use your card abroad, as you still have to do with a regular bank. Instead, you just enable or disable foreign payments directly in your phone app.
  • ATM cash withdrawals without fees
    Up to five times per month, you are able to withdraw cash in Euros from any ATM for free, using the N26 Mastercard.
  • Full control of your finances over the app
    Manage everything directly in the N26 app: set payment limits, lock your card, and send money to friends, all in real-time and in spite of your location. The app is also featured with instant push-notifications on all transactions and expenses statistics.
  • Contactless payments, including Google Pay
    Contactless payment systems allow users to pay without physically swiping a card: instead, you can just put it near the processing terminal, making them connect wirelessly.  Another level is the online and mobile payments, when you don’t even need to have a card around: all your payment details are saved in your smartphone and your profile is connected to your bank account, allowing you to charge your bank account directly from the app or web pages. Google Pay is one of the most popular digital wallet platforms for in-app and tap-to-pay purchases on Android phones, tablets or watches.
  • Cash withdrawals without a card
    With the  n26 bank account, you can withdraw and deposit cash for free at 9,000 retail partners across Germany. All without using your Mastercard: let a cashier in one of the retail partners scan a barcode from your phone and get cash right away for free. Same way you can deposit money to your account.
  • To join the  n26 bank use link :  n26 

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