Send money to Thailand cheaply:

Sending money to Thailand has become easier and quicker than ever before! With many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming finding which one to use.

Differentiating from the transfer options available becomes more about cost and these can vary considerably.

With Xendpay we will offer you a cheap and secure way to send money to Thailand, with great exchange rates and zero commission.

Why you might send money to Thailand

There are many reasons why you might need to send money to Thailand:

Family – helping to finance family members in Thailand is a very common reason.

Property – Thailand has great cities and some of the most beautiful beaches in world. With a vibrant way of life and a large expat base to add, it is no surprise many people choose to come and settle in Thailand or invest in property.

Importing – Thailand has a lot of goods to offer from electrical goods and components to fruit and rice.

What is the best way to send money to Thailand?

The most common way of sending money to and from Thailand is through Western Union. You can send money quickly and your recipient can collect cash from one of their many outlets. However, it is a very expensive; you are looking at bad exchange rates and large fees for every transfer.

Another option you can take is via your bank, but again the rates on offer are not competitive, you will also be hit by a bank fee for every transfer you make to Thailand.

XendPay can save you both time and money on money transfers to Thailand when compared with our competitors. You will benefit from excellent exchange rates, low fees and zero commission. You will have access to online payments 24/7 and you can be assured that all of your information is secure across our web platforms.


  • Decide your own transfer rate 
  • Guaranteed Exchange Rate
  • Supports transfers to NRE & NRO accounts (in India)
  • Signing up using the referral link will enroll you to receive the promotional bonus ( 10 USD / Euros / GBP as joining bonus – refer my blog for details)
  • Direct link to get 10 £ or 13 € referral :XendPay 


  • Instant service not available
  • You have a daily and half yearly sending limits, which can be raised based on the usage (You can request to raise those limits by sharing required documentation )

Note: XendPay gives promotional gift cards to referred new customers. It normally 10USD/ Euros/GBP, based on their referral policy.

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