Best way to transfer money from us to india

A recent study of six of the leading Us’s banks charging fees on overseas transfer by small firms in the UK showed that up to 96% of transfer revenue came not from overseas money transfer fees advertised by these banks but from exchange rates.

A similar markup is added to your transactions and banks never pay you at the mid-market rate. An advertised Fee Free Transfer is not really FREE. Is it?

So, avoid banks when transferring money overseas to India without shopping around!

Before each transfer, I shop around to see which service is providing the best conversion rates and look at the calculations, fees, etc. and finally, choose the winner.

I do this on almost every single money transfer that I do now.

Now without further ado, let me introduce you to my favourite companies I transfer money from UK to India with, to help you choose the best UK to India money transfer.

Sending money to India online is pretty easy if you use any of the transfer services I have listed below.


On top of my list is, 

In my crusade for excellent ways to send money to India from the US,  TransferWise was the first service I moved off to when I finally broke up with my bank for moving my monthly salary from UK to India.

I still use them!

I have been using TransferWise for many years now and I have written a detailed TransferWise review covering my experienceLaunched in Jan 2011 by people who built Skype and Paypal, TransferWise uses smart peer-to-peer tech which enables them to offer real mid-market rates which you see on Google or

Useful: How does TransferWise work?

Again, as I mentioned I still shop around a bit to ensure that I get the best exchange rate to transfer money from us to India, but TransferWise is almost every time the first site I check.

There are a few things which I love about Transferwise.

The first is the transparency of conversion rate that is going to be applied. Upfront guaranteed rate removes uncertainty that banks take advantage of and pay you less.

Another thing is, how quickly the money gets delivered to your Indian bank account after you pay TransferWise in the UK.

Taking an average of the number of times I used Transferwise for money transfer to India, it took 1-2 working days to arrive in my recipient’s Indian bank account though most of the times it was credited the next morning.


The reason for the quick remittance is: TransferWise delivers money locally, and your recipient gets Indian Rupees directly from Transferwise’s Indian bank account.

And, it transfers at the mid-market rate which has always been more than the banks.

How to send money to India from the germany with Transferwise?

Transferring money to India with TransferWise from the Us is pretty simple and can be done in 3 easy steps.

  1. Place the request with Transferwise with the mid-market rate offered. Use my link to avail the quick transfer with great rates today. Follow the link for more details on TransferWise offer for 2019.
  2. Enter recipient details – you need to do this only for the first time. Next time, you can use the saved details if you want to use the same recipient.
  3. Transfer pounds from your UK bank account to Transferwise bank account in the UK (details provided in Step 1 above). You can pay in £s using your UK debit card, credit card or money transfer using net banking.
  4. Transferwise converts UK Pounds to Indian Rupees at the decided rate, and your recipient gets paid the amount in Indian Rupees from TW’s bank account in India.

Fees: TransferWise charges 0.55% + £0.50 on the transferred amount, but if you take this into account and compare it to the amount which your bank gives you, overall Transferwise is a winner.

Bonus Tip: If you are still confused how better the TransferWise rate is, compare the money offered by your bank using this calculator now.

 Direct link to get first free transfer TransferWise

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