Options for Money transfer

Depending on what the remitter generally prefers ,every transfer service has its own advantage and its always better to take benefit of all provided it is Safe and Secure. First FREE transfer is provided in all of the below options :

  • If you are looking for Good transfer speed , Excellent referral bonus and Reliability ORBIT REMIT is the best option to go for :

Send money with ORBIT REMIT – Great transfer rates, first transfer free – UK, Australia and New Zealand residents ONLY

  • If you are looking for Zero transfer FEE up to a large amount, Customer friendly portal (for better tracking),Good transfer speed , Good referral bonus (when you refer someone) and Reliability Transferwise is the best option to go for.

Send money with Transferwise

  • Signing up using the referral link will enroll you to receive the promotional bonus (Zero fees for your first transfer, limits apply)
  • Price Match Guarantee

Send Money with Transfergo

  • If you are looking for a referral Bonus benefit in the very first transfer along with a Good transfer rate and a lower fees for large amounts then use Transfergo – register with code 61qQub to get 20 £ or 23 € joining bonus and first free transfer

Send Money with XendPay 

  • If you are looking for a service most commonly used and providing a free transfer upto 2500 £ / 2900 Euros with 10 £/12 Euros benefit in the very first transfer,Reliable and fair referral bonus then below is the best option to go for is XendPay 

Sending money with XendPay Gives best exchange rates and a good competitor of Worldremit and Transfer wise. 10 £ / € / $ JOINING BONUS

Send Money with Remitly 

  • If you are looking for the BEST rate then Remitly is the best option.

Special rates for first 1000 £ / € / $ as a joining bonus. Quick transfers. Competitive rates.

Send Money with Worldremit

Alternatively you can also use WORLD REMIT which provides a good referral bonus of 20 £ (23 Euros) in the form of coupon code.

Worldremit : Use promo code FREE and get free transfer. Also, get 20 $/€/£ as joining bonus

Bonus for Senders in UK:

  1. Join TopCashback 
  2. Join Worldremit
  3. Open TopCashback 
  4. Seach for Worldremit and navigate to worldremit and then send money. You will get a bonus of 15£ for sending money in your topcashback account

Send Money with Azimo

UK / EU only – get 10 £ or 10 € joining bonus and first free transfer

Best part is that they provide option to pick up money if you are sending to someone who doesnt has a bank account.

Send money with WesternUnion

  • navigate via Quidco for additional cashback of 20£ credited in your quidco wallet

Send money with MoneyGram

  • navigate via TopCashback for additional cashback of 15£ to topcashback wallet

Again i will say its always to better to transfer using all by spliting your money and taking advantage of all.

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