How to buy ripple

Ripple is next bit coin…

A relatively new traded coin and now it’s the sixth most valuable cryptocurrrency, with a market cap of $2.3Billion. They have a new technology that is called Tangle, really interesting and could be the next bitcoin.

How to Buy Ripple

The revolutionary new CryptoCurrency built on Tangle. A blockless distributed ledger which is scalable, lightweight and for the first time ever makes it possible to transfer value without any fees.

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You can buy ripple, like other cryptocurrencies by using something called a Crypto Exchange. Please click below for guide on how to buy ripple on the exchange you wish

How to buy ripple on Binance

It is recommended that you use Binance to buy ripple. Why? Binance has shown to be the most capable buying platform recently, it has not crashed like Bitfinex and continues to have 100% uptime.

1. Head over to registration page for Binance. Enter your details. When you click register you will then need to verify your email.

Just in case Binanceis not accepting new users. Kucoin  and Changelly are good alternate to it.

  • Kucoin  : It provide a long list of Cryptocurrencies to buy. But, here, you can’t buy them directly with your USD. You have to transfer your Bitcoins or Ethereum to KuCoin and then, you can convert your assets into any Cryptocurrency you want.
  • Changelly : The good part about this platform is that you can buy a lot of Cryptocurrencies with your USD directly. But you need wallet to deposit your coins as Changelly doesn’t holds the coins for you.

2. Once you have verified your email address and once you log back, Hover your mouse over the Funds link in the navigation bar across the top of the page. It should then reveal a drop down menu. Click Deposits Withdrawls

3. You will see a lot of cryptocurrencies on this page. Find bitcoin BTC and click the Deposit link at the end. This will then slide down and reveal your receiving address

4. Now we need to send some Bitcoins to Binance so we can trade them in like we did for the Bitfinex steps above. So sign up to a CryptoCurrency Wallet Provider, Again I recommend Coinbase and purchase your Bitcoins using what ever currency you wish.

5. Again, from our Coinbase account that we have just created and bought our bitcoins with we will need to send them to the address that you generated on Binance. You do this by going to Accounts and then clicking the Send button under the wallet of the currency you purchased.

After you click Send, a dialogue window will pop up and this will ask you to enter an address to send bitcoin to. This is the address that we got from Binance when you clicked deposit. This dialogue is also where you will be able to enter the amount of bitcoin you want to send to buy ripple with.

Note: Sending to Binance may take a few hours. So not panic if it is not instant. It could take 12 hours. Especially with all this BTC Folk stuff going on.

6. Once your bitcoin has been received by Binance hover over the Exchange link at the top left of the page next to the Binance logo. This will show you a drop down menu. Click Basic

7. Find and click your trading pair in the right hand column. Because we are wanting to buy ripple with bitcoin we are looking for ripple/BTC. Obviously if you sent Etherum over instead you would be looking for ripple/ETH.

8. You will now be able to see the buying form. Fill this out with the amount of ripple you want to buy and then click the Buy ripple button.

All Done. That might take some time to go through. Even though ripple is fast it is the exchange that you are dealing with.

Now you know How to Buy ripple, Keep them safe!

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