Send money from US to India

Send money to India from the US with the best providers

Indians are one of the big communities in the United States, and a lot of us are sending money back home to India, to support our families, pay a bill, or fill our savings account.

Before sending your USD into INR, it is very important to compare your options, to find the providers with the lowest costs and best Dollars to Rupees exchange rates.

No bank or money transfer operator is the best for all use-cases. If you want to send 1000 GBP from the UK to a bank account in India, online money transfer operators such as XendPay ,  Worldremit or TransferWise currently offer the best rates.

If you’d rather have your family pick-up rupees in cash at an agent location or receive the money directly on their mobile phone, we would probably recommend you to try Azimo or Remitly 


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