Send Money from Australia to India

Get more rupees for your Australian dollars by comparing when sending money to India

You’re probably sending money to India from the Australia to support your relatives, invest in a business opportunity or prepare your next holidays.

Money transfers to India can be extremely expensive and the transfer fees, AUD/INR exchange rates differs a lot between Australian banks, Indian banks (Axis Bank, ICICI, State Bank of India), foreign exchange companies (OFX, World First) or international money transfer operators (XendPay , Worldremit or TransferWise ). That’s why we analyzed for you the cost of several remittance services.

By comparing, you can be sure to get the lowest transfer fees and the best exchange rate to convert your Australian dollars into Indian rupees when you send money to India.

Sending money is easy and efficient, with multiple different methods to do it. There are so many money transfer options available that the business decision of which to use is a daunting and demanding task. The different options have unique advantages and disadvantages to consider. It’s imperative that you do thorough research before making your final decision.

In addition you may use below links for extra joining bonus.. cheers!

1. Worldremit – 20GBP / 20 USD / 20 Euro off on first transaction

2. XendPay – 10GBP / 10 USD / 10 Euro off on first transaction

3. Remitly : First transaction at much higher rate than normal market

4. transfergo first free transaction when you register with code 61qQub and extra bonus when you Navigate via TopCashback 

5. TransferWise first transaction free

6. ORBIT REMIT first transfer free – for UK, NZ and Australia residents only

7. MoneyGram: navigate via TopCashback for additional cashback

8. WesternUnion: navigate via Quidco for additional cashback

9. Azimo  10 GBP / 10 Euro joining bonus

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