Money2India – Top 9 Money Transfers to India – Send From UK to India

Sending money to India is easy if you use one of these transfer services. Compare accounts that could let you make transfers online, by phone or through an agent depending on your needs.

1. Worldremit– Usually gives better price than Transferwise

Below is what you will earn using WorldRemit and topcashback combination.

  • Joining bonus on topcashback i.e. 10 gbp+ / 100 SEK / 10 dollars
  • 15 gbp/ 150 SEK / 15 dollars on topcashback for navigating to world remit from top cashback. You can transfer this money to your bank once the transaction is ‘payable’. It takes time but worth the time. Also, topcashback is good for any other shopping.
  • 20 gbp / 200 SEK on worldremit (check here for other countries). You will get a coupon of the mentioned amount and you can transfer that amount to any country. Their is no minimum amount restriction.

2. XendPay – Usually gives better price than Worldremit or TransferWise

Join XendPay using this link and transfer more than 100 Pounds or 125 Euros or 150 dollars or to get free transaction charges and good exchange rates. Yes, you do get 10£ / 10 Euro / 10 dollars as you join.

It gives incredible mid-market rates and gives you the option of paying ‘NOTHING’ in fees (if your conscious allows you!).

They also show a recommended fee to pay which you can also consider paying if you feel like (even adding a small fee – if you decide to pay – it beats the rates offered by most of the banks and services).

3. Lebara : It also has good transfer rates and you get 17£ discount on your first transfer which improves the rates further. Give it a try if it works for your source / destination country also.

4. Remitly : Till date I found it best of all in UK. First 800 GBP is at a special rate! So, enjoy

5.Azimo is the better way to transfer money. Use my invite and get 10 GBP off your first transfer -> InviteCode

Try if it has started it’s service for your source and destination also

Depending of the location you can collect the money in cash or transfer it directly to a bank account. Because no one like to pay fees or have a low rate exchange. Furthermore, Azimo rates are often better than the official rate found on The World’s Trusted Currency Authority.

IF YOU Navigate to Azimo from TopCashback get additional 21 GBP for first transaction.

6. Transfergo Get First free transaction use referral code: 61qQub

If you Navigate to transfergo (register on transfergo first) from TopCashback get additional 12 GBP for first transaction. Try if it has started it’s service for your source and destination also. 
Good for large amount as it has only 0.99P charge for transactions more than 2000 GBP

7. TransferWise

Transferwise is transparent about the conversion rate applied up-front and charges fees as low as under 1% and is very open about it. You know what you will be charged when you place the request.

No surprises with any of these alternatives – you know up front what you are being charged.

You can register to transferwise and then navigate from TopCashback get additional first time bonus

8. MoneyGram: navigate via TopCashbackfor additional cashback

9. WesternUnion: navigate via Quicdo for additional cashback

Below are couple of FAQ on money transfers


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