Money Transfer from UK – Referral bonuses

Based on my money transfer experience for last 3 years, I found the below money transfer services to be the

– Most reliable

– Providing best rates

– Offers and referrals

Note: You can use Fx-Rate or RemitRate tools to compare live currency rates for various remit providers.

Applicable for GBP, Euro and in some case AUD currencies…



  • Only for UK, Australia and New Zealand residents

This is one of the MOST BENEFICIAL MONEY TRANSFER  i came across till now which also takes a fixed fee of just 2 £ or 2.3 .Benefits include Low cost, speedy delivery of funds, ease of use and all payments guaranteed. You get so much more with OrbitRemit.

It gives a maximum referral bonus of 75 £ or 86 € for 3 referrals and that too with a minimum transfer of just 25 £ or 30 €.

  • Direct link to get 75 £ or 86 € referral benefitsORBIT REMIT 
  • Fees: Variable, Fix fee of 2 GBP or 2.3 € irrespective of the amount.
  • FREE first Transfer 
  • Time: 1 – 2 working days.

2. TransferWise 

This would be one of the best money transfer service for regular money transfers as it most of the time gives the best rate in the market. Hassle free.

Transfer fees get incremental based on the amount of transfer.

Offers: For the first transfer, fees are waived off for upto £500 transfer. But this is applied only when you are referred by someone.

You can also earn £50 for every 3 friends who sign up. Minimum transfer is £200.

Referral Link:TransferWise 

3. Worldremit

This is one of the most widely used and reliable money transfer service. Almost always on top 3 list in terms of rates. You will need to provide a passport copy while registering.

Transfer fees are always £1.99 irrespective of the amount transferred.

Offers: First time user can use coupon Code ‘FREE ‘ to waive off £1.99 fees.

Referral Link:

Newly started this referral programme and so far the best one as they give 20£ each on a new member transferring 100£.

4. XendPay 

Gives best exchange rates and a good competitor of Worldremit and Transfer wise.

Only hassle is from second transfer, they need identity and address proof to allow transfer.

Zero transfer fees (if you want then you can payJ)

Offers: Referral bonus i.e. you get £10 + friend gets £10 when they transfer minimum £100.

For every 5 people you refer to us, you will receive an EXTRA £25 ** credit to your account! –newly started this offer.

Referral Link: XendPay 

5. Azimo

Gives good rates and have a good referral bonus that can be used for future transfer.

Transfer fees get incremental based on the amount of transfer.

Offers: Referral bonus i.e. you get £10 + friend gets £10 when they transfer minimum £50 transfer. Additionally you get a 25 GBP bonus credit for every three friends, that’s 55 GBP in total.

Referral Link:Azimo 

Look for availing all the first time transfer offers and then make sure to compare every solution before each money transfer as the rates varies during the day.

After all when pound is falling, we might need to look for alternatives to transfer more of our savings back home.

7.TransferGo > Referral link  transfergo  register with code    61qQub

£20 for every friend that you refer, that transfers £50.

 8. Remit2India

good transfer rates to INDIA only

  • Link : Remit2India
  • Special rates for initial transfer
  • Offers : 500Rs joining bonus
  • Global support
  • Time : Within 1 day

Additional cashback when you register on  TopCashback and navigate to websites listed above via  TopCashback  Make sure you have registered using the linked above before you navigate to respective websites for additional cashback.


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