Xendpay International Money Transfer Service £10 Referral Bonus

XendPay is an international money transfer service with no compulsory fees, no exchange rate mark-ups, no hidden charges, and same-day transfers whenever possible, so that you can send money for less with cheap money transfers.

Plus, when you join XendPay through a referral link from a current user, you can get a £10 bonus (or equivalent in your currency) when you make your first transfer of at least £100, and you can earn additional £10 bonuses for referring your friends to Xendpay as well.

Referral link -> XendPay supports 48 currencies in 173 countries,

Xendpay Referral Program £10 Bonus for Both Parties

Referrers of new users to Xendpay will receive a £10 bonus credit for every friend that makes a transfer of at least £100, and referees who are new Xendpay customers will get a £10 discount on your first transaction of at least $100 on Xendpay.

To qualify for the £10 bonus a new Xendpay user, you must open your Xendpay account via a referral from a current user, and then complete your first transfer of at least £100.

Once you open your Xendpay account, you can participate in the Xendpay referral program to earn a £10 bonus when people that you refer complete their first transaction of at least £100.

To refer new customers, simply click the “Refer a Friend” button on your Xendpay Dashboard, and ensure that your friend signs up through your referral link.

Once your referral has made their first transaction of at least £100, and it has credited to their beneficiary, you will receive £10 in your Xendpay account.

The £10 referral credits can be redeemed by the referrer against subsequent transfers on Xendpay within 1 year from the date of issue.

Please note that if you cancel a transaction where a discount has been applied, you’ll lose the discount as well.

Xendpay will not accept referrals for anyone who has been a customer in the 3 months prior to a referral.

Take advantage of Xendpay for a no fees international money transfer service that offers you the best exchange rates without compromising on transfer times or reliability.


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